Why Is Car Insurance so Expensive in San Antonio

Factors That Will Drive up Your San Antonio Car Insurance Rates

Why Is Car Insurance So Expensive In San Antonio?

Why is car insurance so expensive in San Antonio? We are told that it is because of all the young people driving around. That's one theory but that may not be the case.

Some of the complaints coming out of law enforcement agents in San Antonio involve a so called 'gangsta' crowd. Gangs with big trucks and tinted windows and illegal things on their trucks are being pulled over and charged with speeding, moving violations and other traffic violations.

A law enforcement agent would tell you that the older ones were allowed to keep their license and because of that they were given tickets. Well, that does make sense if they are breaking the law and breaking the speed limit as well.

But maybe they were driving those big trucks to an area that had some shady people running a drug den or something. Some of the money from selling those drugs could go into buying cars and trucks for gang members.

It seems like there are a lot of hot-headed law enforcement agents in San Antonio who are up in arms because they do not want to take a chance on 'tough guys' getting their hands on those big new cars. It would also help the local economy.

Maybe it is part of a code that these old school criminals have that allows them to get away with driving around in flashy cars. I bet some of the people pulling over for speeding are friends of these gangs.

The law enforcement agent may not know anything about this but the citizens do. So we have a problem because we are now paying so much for insurance.

Insurance companies across the United States are so desperate to make money that they are going to go through any means necessary to get us to pay our money. I am sure the insurance companies are worried about the state of the economy and the fact that they will be in the red before too long.

They are also worried about bringing new customers to their company but at the same time, they need to make sure their existing customers can afford their prices. It is a lose-lose situation for them.

The law enforcement agent may not care, but they should because if they do not start looking into this for their own political advantage, they may wind up getting more complaints about how bad insurance is in San Antonio. That would definitely bring down the reputation of the city.

At this point in time the San Antonio police have no intention of cracking down on young drivers. In fact, they are happy to have a steady stream of revenue coming in from speeding tickets.

If the law enforcement agent is not too upset about this then there may be something to the theory that law enforcement agents are against young drivers because they think they are wasting the money that could be used to protect us. The residents of San Antonio should be concerned because that could be a factor for them as well.

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